Snack Van Owners

This is an on going project that I dip in and out of, photographing snack van and catering trailer owners in their environments around Yorkshire. I also interview them to find out what they did before they decided to run their own catering trailer. It is always fascinating to hear their story and what they have to say.

Happy Harrys - Jackie - IMG_20131029_0007 Crazy Chix Snax  - Lesley - IMG_20131030_0004 Crazy Chix Snax - Van - IMG_20131029_0009 Happy Harrys - Harry - IMG_20131029_0008 Happy Harrys - Van - IMG_20131029_0006 Jakes Place - Joyce and David - IMG_20140224_0010 Jakes Place - Liz and Joyce - IMG_20131029_0005 Jakes Place - Van - IMG_20131029_0001