Black and white landscapes

Here is a selection of my favourite black and white landscapes, these range from the rural through to the urban.

High Point - Bradford Halifax Building Bridge Water Place - Leeds Bradford and Bingley Bldg Bradford and Bingley Building_20150325_0006 - SocMed Bradford and Bingley Bldg - Back Bradford and Bingley Building_20150325_0005 - SocMed Alan Carmichael - Saltaire - website St James - South East St James - South West Harrogate Looking Out Towards Killinghall Otley - Towards Weston Estate Almscliffe Craggs Baildon Golf Course 01 - Neg Scan Ilkley Moor - Towards Ilkley Lower Lanshaw Dam - Burley Moor Twelve Apostles - Burley Moor Burley Moor Sheep - website