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Whether it’s in a professional or a personal capacity, chances are that you have either ‘failed’ at something or the fear of failure has prevented you from doing something. Sound familiar?

I know when I established Capricorn Photography, one of my biggest fears was failure. However, a large amount of procrastination, worrying and self-pity later, I finally concluded that failure is an opportunity and not a threat...

Fear of Failure

Failure is not an Option

Matter of Opinion

Failing to meet a deadline or failing to turn up to a meeting are tangible examples of failure. However, when it comes to something more subjective such as photography, what constitutes failure? If a client doesn’t like what you have produced but you are totally happy with the results - having followed the brief - have you really failed or is it just a matter of opinion?

Accidental Masterpiece

One of the best ways to experiment and to create something original, is to fail. And believe me, it is possible to get a positive result from something that has failed and in turn, achieve an ‘accidental masterpiece’. Just because your original plan failed, it doesn’t mean what you have achieved is a failure. Again, this might come down to a matter of opinion but in some cases, there is no right or wrong way

Learning Process

Failure is key to learning, which is why I always ask for constructive feedback on my completed photography assignments. This allows me to learn from my mistakes and provide a better service as a result. I also ensure that I ask relevant questions related to any photography brief that I am given, thus minimising the chance of making any mistakes, as I have a complete understanding of what is required.


As the old adage goes - ‘the only thing to fear is fear itself’. If you’re that afraid of failing and don’t put yourself out there as a professional in your field, then you won’t get the work. No work means you have no jobs to fail but what you are doing is failing yourself. The more you fail and recover and improve, the better you become as a person and a business.

The Right Kind of Motivation

So, how did I conclude that failure is not something to fear? Well, it was a short YouTube video by the British photographer, Mike Browne, that altered my view of failure and settled my nerves considerably.

Titled Photography Tips: Don't be afraid to get it 'Wrong'. Fear is a creativity killer!, this video is possibly one of the best motivational videos that I have had the pleasure of viewing. Watching Browne address my concerns, particularly as a professional photographer himself, certainly gave me some food for thought and allowed me to combat my fear of failure!

I won’t give too much away as I would encourage you to watch the video yourself but what I will say is that nobody ever sets out to do a bad job and fail - and if you do you shouldn’t be in business! If you do find yourself in a position of having failed something, it’s how you react to it and turn it into a positive that counts.

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