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You have one chance to make a good impression, so can you confidently say that you’re doing everything you can to put your business in the spotlight for all the right reasons?

Let’s take this common scenario for example - a potential client visits your website and the first thing they see is a stock image, and then another one, and then another one. They leave your site feeling disengaged and without a full appreciation of what your business has to offer.

Quality photographs are a must for any business, particularly when it comes to the three P’s - people, products and places. If you’re using stock photos or poor-quality images to promote your business, then carry on reading to find out how they could be doing more harm than good…


Shoo Social Media

People buy from people, and if a photograph of you or your team is the first interaction a customer has with your business, then you need to get it right. From ‘meet the team’ pages to LinkedIn profile pictures, consider how you want to come across in your photo. Formal, serious, welcoming, laid-back? There’s no right or wrong answer - it all comes down to how you want people to perceive you, which in turn dictates what you wear, how you ‘pose’ and the surroundings. An iPhone selfie from a night out isn’t always going to cut it, nor is it always appropriate - it’s much better to have a bank of professional shots to turn to.

In need of some inspiration? Take a look at examples of my work, including headshots, portraits and groups.


Diamond Ring

You’ve invested in marketing your product, including compelling copy and a dynamic design, but where’s the professional photography to back it all up? From company websites to e-commerce sites, promotional leaflets to restaurant menus, and not forgetting your social media presence - without impressive photographs to sell your wares, you are in danger of underselling your products. Professional photographs of products - whether it be food, jewellery or cars - will not only allow you to get the right message across for your business but it will attract the right kind of attention.

Don’t take my word for it - these product and automotive images, which I have captured, demonstrate the power of photography.



Are you an interior designer looking to highlight your professional know-how and design flair or would you like visitors to your office to be greeted by striking images of the surrounding area? ‘Places’, including homes, properties, landscapes and events - are just as important as the people and products in them. Capture a moment in time at an event, show the best side to your portfolio of rental properties, and highlight how you’ve transformed a home through its various stages with specialised professional photography. Don’t just make a first impression, make a lasting impression.

I photographed these landscapes and events, and I hope you agree that such images would make a real difference to your marketing materials and/or surroundings.

Alan Carmichael, owner of Capricorn Photography, is a professional commercial photographer. He specialises in flexible and affordable corporate photography, including public relations, internal and external communications, brochures, press releases, products, headshots, buildings, architecture, interiors, and industrial photography. For more information, please contact Alan on 07828 834731 or email

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